Saturday, March 22, 2008

After the Tsunami...

Dear Comrades,The unexpected results of the 12th GE have not only caught BN off guard but the Opposition ill prepare.Suddenly the Opposition alliance or some called it Barisan Rakyat or Anwar termed it as the Government in waiting stared at how to form the 4 new states governments.The most complicated state is Perak where you have DAP winning 18 states seat whereas PKR and PAS getting 7 and 6 respectively achieving a slim majority of 31 seats against BN 28 seats.As commented by Kit Siang in his blog,he thought he will have a well deserved rest after the election but he was fully occupied and hardly sleep to attend to all the new political development after the election.Initially there were rumblings on the ground on who should be the Menteri Besar with even DAP and PKR threatened to pull out if PAS candidates were given the MB post.Hovever goodwill prevailed and a loose coalition have been agreed to run the state with PAS given the MB post and DAP getting the lion shares of the exco seats.This is what we call the birth of new cooperation between DAP and PAS and it will be interesting to see how they will run the state effectively.Penang was one of the earliest state government controlled by BR which started work.The new CM Mr Lim Guan Eng immediately formed the new exco with 2 Deputy CM and the first Indian Deputy CM in Malaysian history.He announced new measures to curb corruption with the implementation of open tenders for all state projects and results posted in the website for all to view.He even refuse to stay in the CM residence preferring to put up at his father's place because the CM place is leaking and need RM300,000 to repair which he reluctant to spend.THIS IS THE TYPE OF LEADER WE NEED.I remembered when the new MB for Selangor moved in,he spent lavishling on the MB residence.While waiting for the renovation to complete he stayed at the expense of the taxpayers money at one of the 5 star hotel in Selangor.Thats is where all our rakyat money gone due to their sheer waste of public money.On the BN front, Terengganu is the only state without a MB.This is due to the dissatisffaction of the present Agung to some of the state issue before the GE namely the handling of the Bersih demo by the MB at Batu Buruk where gunshots were fired to disperse the crowds.This definately a slap to our PM after the Perlis saga where the PM preferred candidate was sidelined.Finally we can see the Royalties exert their power towards the Executives.The new cabinets lineup announced by PM was quite unexpected with the dropping of the Iron Lady Rafidah Aziz but the appointment of Mohd Taib tainted with the Australian airport scandals have somehow prove that the PM have to outweigh his personal interest above national interest,to boost his sagging support for the upcoming Umno elections.To be continue...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Dawn of a New Era

8th March 2008 was my happiest day in my life.The Rakyat have spoken loud and clear that enough is enough of the corrupt,arrogant and rotten BN government.Makkal Shakti, people's power have overthrowned 4 more states in West Malaysia to the hand of the Opposition.What a Tsunami effect and the swing towards the opposition was strong not only from the Indians and Chinese but also surprisingly by the Malays electorate.

The frustration by the Rakyat have been boiling over the years by the increased in fuel prices,crime rates,high cost of living. The Indian have been severely discriminated by the unlawful demolision of their temples,snatching of their corpse by Muslim religious authority,holding of the Umno AGM on Deepavali day with no due respect to the Hindus.The last straw was the detention of the 5 Hindraf activist under ISA.

Finally when our Sleeping PM announced the dissolution of the Parliament on 13-2-2008 and campaign period of 13 days,his lucky 13 have turned to be the unluckiest for him.The ceramah organised by the Opposition have attracted huge crowds and the amount of donation collected was tremendous.The biggest ceramah was the one organised by DAP in Penang which was able to atrract 40,000 people and collected RM123,000 two days before the Election.Kit Siang and Anwar were the star attraction in most of the ceramah held.

Went back Malacca to vote at Kota Melaka and rushed back to KL to assist DAP Seputeh as Polling agent at Salak South New Village.Sign of BN losing their grip started flowing in at 7pm when news report from our DAP Penang reported that all the 3 Gerakan CM designate lost to DAP candidates.The attendance at Salak South polling stream was surprisingly high at 88% compared to last election of 75%.This show that the Rakyat are coming full force to teach the BN a lesson.My polling stream result was DAP 424 and BN 67.

Later we were told that Teresa Kok won by a whopping 36,000 majority,the highest in the country.Went over to Sri Petaling polling centre to congratulate Teresa and she managed to speak to the reporters on how MCA have been teasing DAP all the years that we can only talk but can do.Now we can show them that we can even form a state government in Penang.

Few factors contributed to the downfall of BN in this election.The biased reporting in the mainstream papers,TV and radio have angered the people and an insult to their intelligent.However the Internet,SMS have really helped the Opposition to win this battle.Most people are frustated by the one sided reporting and have resorted to the internet to get the Opposition news.U tube also played the ceramah of the opposition to the comfort of their home.

DAP have really done a good groundwork for this election.They have their own campaign song,election tools,and group pf young and enterprising professionals like lawyers,activist and blogger to plan their strategy.In most of their ceramah,they effectively played their campaign song, JUST CHANGE IT.which was really touching and sent a strong message to the electorate.

To be continue...

Friday, March 7, 2008

Election Campaign update live from KL!

Have been busy helping up with DAP Seputeh putting up buntings and banners the last few nights and also assist them at the operation centre checking on the electorate polling centres. In between still managed to attend to some of the DAP ceramahs held at PJ,Seputeh and Klang.The response from the Rakyat was fantastic and overwhelming.Last night went all the way to Port Klang to witness one of the biggest DAP ceramah ever.The crowd estimated to 10,000 spilled over to the main road.The guest speaker of the night was none other than Lim Kit Siang.Surprisingly Indian make up almost 30% of the crowd.One of the DAP candidate for the Bandar Klang state is the ISA datainee Mr Manoharan.Her wife,children and mother were there to lend support to her husband and looking at the strong support the Indians gave I am sure that Manoharan can win the state seat.Most of the crowds there waited eagerly for Kit Siang arrival even though it was drizzling the whole night.Finally Kit Siang came at 11.15pm and was given a hero welcome from the huge crowd.Cries of Makkal Sakti ( People Power from Hindraf group) was echo from the Indian crowd when Kit Siang shouted the slogan.The DAP veteran leader spoke on the need to deny BN 2/3 majority so that there are check and balance towards BN policy and rampant abuse of power.The supports from Klang supporters were fanstatic! Almost 50 cars and motorbike were colourfully decorated with DAP flags and posters.I can feel the edge of change is coming to Klang and the DAP campaign song really lived up the whole atmosphere.The total donation collected that night from the crowd was RM42,000.Another interesting ceramah was at PJ SS2.PJU is a parliamentary seat contested by Tony Pua, the youngest Singapore listed IT company who resigned to join DAP. Attended two of the ceramah which was held on Monday to pull the Pasar Malam crowd.The weather was quite fine when the first few speaker spoke but when Raja Petra spoke,it was raining dogs and cats.Raja Petra the editor of the popular political web site Malaysia Today told the crowd that the rain was nothing compared to the chemical laced water cannon spray during the Bersih and Hindraf rally.The crowd stood on throughout the whole speech during the rain.The guest attraction of the night was Fong Po Kuan aka Chili Padi.She came at about 11pm and was warmly welcome by the crowd and they really love the way she deliver her hard hitting speech.Will be going back to Malacca to vote on Friday night and rush back to KL the next morning to help DAP Seputeh as a polling agent.So friends, please vote for change,you can do it!To be continue... live from the polling centre.