Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bolehwood Drama

The last few weeks have been an interesting period for Malaysian as we witness a number of dramatic political events taking place in our Bolehland. It started with the sodomy charges lodged by Dato Seri Anwar former aide En Saiful against him. Anwar fight back by acussing our DPM Najib to have a hand on the issue and even claimed that En Saiful was planted by Umno to discredit him.

Later yesterday Razak Baginda private investigator Mr P Balasubramaniam make a shocking statutory declaration linking Najib to the Altantuya murder case. The declaration was reveal in a packed press conference held by Party Keadilan De Facto leader Dato Seri Anwar which was also attended by Bala lawyer and few PKR leaders. Later in the Parliament, Najib deny the allegation and said the truth will prevail.

However in less than 24 hours, Mr P Balasubramaniam made a dramatic turnabout and retracted the first Statutory Declaration with an amended new Declaration with Najib name ommitted. It surely generate more anxiety and intensity to the already volatile political situation in the country.
The local share markets, Bursa Saham reacted negatively by tumbling almost 30 points at lunch break.It is a political showdown between the incumbent DPM and the former DPM of Malaysia and interestingly our PM position is not shaken with this latest event.
It was reported in Malaysiakini that Anwar will have another press conference later today and Malaysian are sure to expect another drama unfolding...